A Lil About Us

Welcome to our travel blog! Samir and I got married in October 2011, starting our lives with our own crazy version of Our Big Fat Indian Wedding. Three and a half months later, we began our lives together by going on an extended honeymoon to India, Southeast Asia and South America! We figured we both love to travel and that this would be the best and possibly only time in our lives where we can be pretty much worry-free and leave everything behind, including our jobs, for a few months (currently, the plan is about seven months not including a 3-week stop in America between SE Asia and South America).

Samir previously managed roadway design and construction projects for the City of Dallas. Rachel was previously an energy risk management consultant with Ernst & Young. We’ve both been working for over eight years in jobs that we actually like and are good at, so the decision to quit and leave the nice stability of professional careers was painstaking and a bit scary. But, we’re taking a leap of faith in ourselves and each other that we’ll be able to regain that stability when we need to!

For us, this trip is not only a big leap financially, it’s also the first time we’ll be together in the same city for an extended period of time! We began our relationship long distance and even after we got married, we were still apart until we started our trip (for practical reasons). It will definitely be interesting to begin our married lives with just us on the road… no normal buffers of work, friends and family! Except those that come to visit!

While we’ve both talked about things we want to get out of this trip, who knows what will lie ahead with this whole new set of challenges – staying within a minimal budget, living out of a CARRY ON size suitcase, letting go of having/needing routine and structure in our lives and of course, being in a strange, wonderful place where we don’t necessarily know the language! Whatever the case, hopefully we land on the other side closer than before and ready to take on whatever’s next!


1 thought on “A Lil About Us”

  1. So excited for you guys!!! Can’t wait to read about all of your adventures! 🙂

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