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By Rachel

One of the highlights of our trip to South America – seeing Iguazu Falls. Iguazu is over 1.67 miles long and consists of approximately 275 falls together. We explored the falls from both the Brasil side and the Argentina side. The Brasil side is known for being the best place to view the falls and Argentina the best side to experience the falls.

We stayed on the Argentina side in Puerto Iguazu (a 20 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires – comfortable buses though!). US citizens generally require a visa to go to the Brasil; however, there is an implicit understanding that people in Iguazu are just crossing over to see the falls and then returning to Argentina. So we were able to take a tour bus from the Puerto Iguazu bus stand to the Brasil side of Iguazu for 50 pesos each. We stopped at Argentina immigration and got stamped out and on the way back, we stopped at Argentina immigration and got stamped back in (thus also renewing our visas as well!). We passed a building for Brasilian immigration but didn’t stop (I think because we were on the tourist bus) either way.

We walked into the park (were able to pay in Argentine pesos – August 2012 this was 137 pesos each) and took the park bus (free) to the major walking trail to the falls. We walked up to the beginning of the path and were mesmerized by how beautiful it was! And we didn’t even realize it at the time, but that was just the beginning of this stunning wonder. As we walked down the trail (about 1.2 miles), the falls just got more and more beautiful until we reached the end and could just feel the power of the falls. And we briefly saw a gorgeous rainbow! At the end of the trail, there is a bridge where you can walk out and experience the falls some more but get seriously sprayed by the falls at the same time! The falls remind you how splendid nature can be – absolutely one of my top ten highlights of our honeymoon! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

We were able to see the falls on the Brasil side in one afternoon (about 3 hours), though I think the view is supposed to be better in the morning. They also offer boat rides from both sides of the falls where you can go into the river and get a lot closer to the falls. These were definitely expensive though and you would get drenched which would have been fun! Unfortunately, I was sick with bronchitis and didn’t want to get worse! The Brasil side definitely got us re-energized and ready to see the Argentina side!

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