July 6-7, 2012

By Rachel

Our second to last day in Montevideo was July 6th, the day before my birthday. I was excited because I would be spending my birthday in two countries as we were taking the ferry the next day! So to celebrate my birthday, we decided to go to one of the many theaters in Montevideo. We had a few to choose from but we decided on a musical / dance show that we saw advertised when we went to the Subte exhibition. Some of the plays in other theaters also looked interesting but we figured we wouldn’t understand most of what they were saying given that the accent and speed of talking had been so difficult already!

The show started out with a woman from Chile playing her guitar and singing happy type songs (again, the songs were in Spanish and a bit difficult to understand!). She invited a couple of ‘guests’ up – one played a beat on her wooden chair and another beat-boxed! The next two acts were completely different – one had a rashtafarian type vibe and the other was a bunch teens that were rapping – part of the U.R.U – Uruguay Rap Underground. The point of the show was to give women performers a voice so most of the main performers were women – including the rapping teens.

After the show, we went to Bar Fun Fun (pronounced phoon-phoon) to celebrate the start of my birthday at midnight 🙂 We were pleasantly surprised with the tango show and live band (we had no idea they would be there). The tango was absolutely gorgeous and lustrous – love it!

The next day, we walked around a bit more before our ferry was supposed to leave. When it was time, we took a city bus to the terminal and were incredibly confused for a bit but finally figured out we were supposed to wait in a line to board the Buquebus. The bus was really comfortable and took us from Montevideo to Colonia. Colonia is supposed to be a place to visit in its own right but since we were forced to book our tickets in Lima, we didn’t get a chance to see Colonia. From Colonia, we boarded the ferry to Buenos Aires.  This thing was AMAZING – it had four levels. The first level had a duty free store and video games. The second level was for the general public and had a café, bars and seating areas where the seats reclined all the way back. The third and fourth floors were VIP and super VIP floors (we aren’t that special though!) that basically had nicer seats and seating areas. There was even wifi on the ferry! The ticket from Montevideo to Buenos Aires was $46 each and took about seven hours total.