By Samir and Rachel

Our last foray into the desert to see sand dunes was in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. Our next foray came at a stop in the town of Huacachina, an oasis in the desert – the dunes in Jaisalmer have nothing on these! A guy at our hostel mentioned the dune buggy tour in the early evening, so we signed up and were greeted by a massive monster of a vehicle.

The first indication that something was about to be different was when an old man, balding with scraggly white hair, got in the drivers seat. He then proceeded to race through the three blocks of the town making fast turns into the desert. And then the fun began. He would drive up a fairly steep incline, turn around near the top (so we all felt like the vehicle would roll over down the sand dune), and then race back down.

After driving through the desert with crazy guy, we got out and were handed sand-boards. We then rode down several dunes (mostly on our stomachs – once we tried standing up and tried riding down like a snow board – that didn’t work out so well – Rachel face planted and got a mouth full of sand and Samir couldn’t quite stay standing for more than a second!). The last dune was by far the funnest – a long crazy vertical and fast ride down – thrilling!

Overall, the dunes were gorgeous and going sandboarding and dune buggying through the dunes was probably one of our favorite experiences on our trip so far!

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