By Rachel

After we left the Nature Lodge, we went to Sepilok, a forest reserve by Sandakan. Sepilok is famous for its semi-wild orangutan sanctuary. They help raise orangutans that have been orphaned or otherwise brought (or were born) to the sanctuary. While they occasionally are able to reintroduce the orangutans to the wild in areas outside Sepilok, many stay in the area and will come to the twice daily feedings. We went to the afternoon feeding and saw five or six orangutans, including a huge one that seemed to scare off some of the smaller ones! It was amusing watching them scale across the ropes to get to the feeding platform. One of them was a mother and her baby with its little head sticking out curiously looking at all the people watching from the viewing area! Also, the huge orangutan was incredibly frisky!

That evening, Manu Bhaiya and I went on a nightwalk through the sanctuary with one of the rangers. This was a MUCH better experience than the Nature Lodge one. We saw much more wildlife and since there were only three of us, we probably made less noise as we went through it. No pictures though – it was rainy again and nighttime anyway – the flash would have probably scared stuff away! But, we finally found my brother a snake – we saw a few green vipers coiled up in trees (only about two or three feet long and skinny), a civet (small wild cat), the eyes of a mouse deer, a flying lemur (very rare to see!), a slow loris (a nocturnal primate that moves really slowly – again, rare to see!), some huge walking sticks, bunch of spider eyes that shone in our flashlights and other random insects!

The second day, Samir and my brother went to the rainforest discovery center to learn about fauna of the rainforest. I slept in and then did some travel stuff. That night, we were all supposed to go on a nightwalk, but we got rained out. Instead, Manu Bhaiya went on his own little nightwalk around our hotel.