By Samir

(-) We’ve updated some of the other tabs on our blog – see the page headings at the top.

(-) There’s a reason why “fuzzy math” and “creative accounting” are accepted phrases in the American English lexicon. However, only in the highest regard, do I poke fun at Rachel’s detailed accounting of our trip…

(-) In Thailand, we kept seeing signs for laundry services, but never thought much of them. We did our laundry ourselves a few times. At some point, someone told us that getting our laundry done was relatively cheap, and all of a sudden, we noticed that it was. In Thailand, we were able to get it done (laundered, dried, folded – within 24 hours) for 40 – 50 baht per kilogram (about $0.60-0.75 per pound). In Laos, we’ve seen it for 10,000 kip per kilogram (about $0.60 per pound). Pretty much since this “discovery”, we’ve stopped doing our own laundry. We’ll do it again though, if needed.