By Rachel

I’m in love with the brilliant colors of this place. Koh Lanta is an amazing little island – we stayed in Lanta Old Town, our guesthouse jutting out over the sea with sweeping views of the turquoise and aquas and blues of the sea. We stayed at the Sriraya Guesthouse, operated by Mr. Pao and I think his family. It was also our first time to go with a shared bathroom accommodation – I’d do it again in a pinch but I still like my own!

Koh Lanta is a small island with pretty much one major road going around it with a couple of major paved east/west roads. There aren’t many cars or tuk tuks going around – the best way to get around is by motorbike, so Samir and I rented a motorbike and taught ourselves to ride!

Riding around the island on a bike was exhilarating – the main roads are lined with luscious greenery on one side, the other the beach on some parts. I was amazed by the unspoilt nature of the island – the greens of the forest around us were just breathtaking. Palm trees set much of the island backed by all varieties of other trees and plants.

We spent three nights in Lanta, much of it just lazing around, enjoying the view from a hammock or on the beach. My favorite evening was when we walked down to the Lanta pier. A storm was brewing to the right and as I looked around, the breeze blowing around me, the depth and variety of the colors just floored me. On the pier, looking out, I fell in love with Lanta. I’ve always loved the water and while I wasn’t on the beach side, it just felt like the most beautiful place I could be at that moment.

While the East Coast where we were staying didn’t have nice beaches, the other West Coast of the island had a line of one gorgeous beach after another. We made a harrowing ride (well harrowing for me as a new driver going up and down the winding hilly roads) to the southwest side to a remote beach (by the Anda Lanta Resort – gorgeous) – the beach and the view reminded me of Koh Phi Phi with the biggest difference being we were one of maybe ten people on this beach! Btw, the movie “The Beach” was shot on Koh Lanta and rumor has it that Leonardo Dicaprio has a house here – I’m thinking it was around where we were on this beach because there were some gorgeous beachfront houses in the hills 🙂

Lanta also had several beach bars on the West Coast but since we were riding around, we decided that probably wasn’t the best bet for us. Besides, we were enjoying the peace and calm way too much!

We also discovered fresh watermelon juice – the most refreshing drink ever!

Enjoy the slideshow – look out for all the colors of Koh Lanta!

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