By Rachel

For the last couple days of Amee and Sonia’s visit, we went back to Phuket to good ole Patong Beach. Phuket has definitely been the lowlight of the trip so far. Patong Beach was not a very pretty beach – way too crowded. In terms of nightlife, I was expecting more of the beach parties we had on Koh Phi Phi – but Patong Beach is known for Soi Bangla – a lattice (one long street with side streets) of bars and clubs featuring everything from casual bars, ladyboys strutting their stuff and the infamous ‘ping pong shows’ (which I refused to go to on principle). We ended up at an Irish pub where a Philippino cover band was playing who were super entertaining – and one of the girls headbanged like no other, making us jealous and wanting her long hair to do the same! But the highlight of the night was stopping at random places to buy cheap buckets (literally like a sand pail) of sangsom (thai whiskey) and diet cokes or other buckets.

Offshoot street from Bangla

Phillipino band at an Irish Pub in Thailand 🙂

The other highlight was watching Aim hussle the bartender at Connect 4 who was tryin to get Amee to buy her a drink for losing a game (when the score was really 2-2). You don’t mess with Aim! 🙂

Don't mess with Aim!

Playing the hit a nail into the tree trunk with a hammer game - yes this was an actual drinking game!

In general, Soi Bangla looks like a really concentrated version of Vegas (and reminded me of the Kiez in Hamburg) – lots of neon lights, girls/ladyboys pimping themselves, music blaring out of every place. It was fun for one night, but one night was definitely enough! We started also making a game of spot the white guy with a thai ‘date’  but it was so prolific, there wasn’t even a point! Another amusement was trying to figure out which women were women and which were men (SO hard to do sometimes!).

The one good thing about Phuket was definitely the food – there was such a diversity of cuisine – I had the best chicken shwarma sandwich (well, really, I stole half from Sonia who was nice enough to share!) purchased from a street vendor! Also, we found a bunch of nicer restaurants near our guesthouse by the mall and decided to splurge at a place called the Wine Connection – delish! It really felt like a normal night with Samir and Amee (Sonia had left already), hanging out in a trendy wine bar, eating great food and chatting away 🙂

The next day we went to a local market and had lunch and browsed the different fruits. And we spent hours roaming the mall like highschoolers 🙂

Amee left and we spent one last night in Phuket – a place I’m glad we went to just to see what the hype was about, but definitely glad to leave as well!