By Samir

After a quick flight and a short stay at a hotel in Phuket, we boarded a ferry bound for Phi Phi Island (Koh Phi Phi or Koh P.P.). The ferry ride over was gorgeous. We sat on the side of the boat, in the sun.

Rachel's Afghan Pants & Feet

Koh Phi Phi in view from ferry

After arrival on the island – we were promptly charged an admission fee to the island (to help keep it clean). The village at the pier was bigger than I thought it would be. Our friends Amee & Sonia were staying on a different part of the island but they came over to our side. We walked over to the beach and went swimming. The water was clear and gorgeous. I was standing chest-deep and could see my toes. The views were amazing.

Beach on pier side

Amee, Rachel & Sonia

In the evening, we went to the beach on the north side of the island. We were disappointed that it was low tide and the bay was somewhat dry, but high tide came later at night and was visible the next morning.

We went to a bar and ordered the “Thai Whiskey Set”. There was some confusion as apparently the bar did not have a bottle. Eventually, the bartender brought out a bottle that was 700 ml (more than twice the size of the one in Chiang Mai) for just slightly more (300 TB). At night, the lights came on at the various establishments on the beach with each having its own beach party. Most were playing some type of electronic/house music. We saw a fire show at the Slinky Bar and got some great shots.

The next day, we walked up to the Viewpoint. The online guide said it was a short 20 minute walk with a few steep stairs at the beginning. We climbed and climbed but the stairs never seemed to end. After 45 minutes, we finally arrived at the top, completely soaked in sweat – but the view was totally worth it. We counted the stairs on the way down – 345!

Both beaches