By Samir

While on the hilltribe trek west of Chiang Rai with our guide Jo, we inquired about liquor. After a series of broken English questions and answers, we settled on Thai whiskey as being something we should try to obtain. In the Chiang Rai night bazaar, on the touristy side, we had several shots of Thai whiskey one night (70 TB each), which was slightly cheaper than Scotch whiskey (no brand name – I know, I know, such blasphemy actually exists) for 90 TB each. Requesting Thai whiskey has become a recurring request, as you’ll see in upcoming posts.

While in Chiang Rai, we decided it was finally time to do our own laundry. The sink in the bathroom was actually a rather large bowl resting on the counter, but connected to the plumbing. We had purchased a sink plug on Amazon, which came in handy. In went the clothes, some Woolite from a sample packet, a ton of water, and some hand soap. We then let it soak for 30 minutes, before rinsing in the sink, and hand-wringing out the water. We busted out with a yellow clothesline we found on Amazon, hung it up on our small balcony outside, gently placed the clothes over it, and let it do its thing. The first batch of clothes got some good sun action and dried in a day, so we got ambitious, opting to do a second batch the next day. But the sun was not in the right position, and we had slightly damp clothes shortly before checkout time. So it goes.

One side effect of hand-washing and air-drying? Our clothes came out stiff. Who needs starch anyway? Air-dry is the answer.