By Rachel

So we are dismally behind on our blog, so I’m just going to blog via pictures!

After Bhopal, Samir, my mom, my brother and I took a flight to Raipur on February 8. From there, we took a six hour taxi to Jagdalpur (a small city in the state of Chattisgarh) – now ordinarily this drive is only four and a half hours, but we got a flat so it was a bit longer – our FOURTH flat of our trip so far (I keep telling Samir that I’ve never had a flat tire while traveling in India, but with him, we’ve had 4!). We headed to Jagdalpur for my cousin Prashu’s wedding – the last wedding on my dad’s huge side of the family. And Prashu is about six months younger than me and has been my closest cousin on my dad’s side, so was really excited about being able to attend his wedding. While in Jagdalpur, we also got to do some sight-seeing.

Tirathghar Waterfall

Since it’s dry season, the waterfall isn’t at full flow – but we got to bathe underneath it   a little further downstream! Super fun!

Observing the stalactites in the Kutumsar Caves (at least I am)

Manu bhaiya in Kutumsar

Crazy monkey

On our way to the caves, we got out to look at some scenery, and this monkey comes right up to us and perches on the ledge next to us. Then, when we look at it, he bares his teeth and screeches at us. So we decide it’s probably time to head out – once we get in the car, he jumps down onto the sidewalk and is standing up to look at us at eye-level in the car! Finally, we throw it an orange – which he proceeds to fully peel before he takes a bite of it! Clever monkey!

Chitrakoot Waterfall

Again, since we were there in a dry time, the waterfall isn’t at full flow – I’ve been there when it is though, and it’s beautiful! All that rock is covered with falls! Gorgeous! Here’s the wikipedia link if you’re curious to see the Niagara of India!


So handsome!

Gross fruit bats at Chitrakoot (courtesy of Manu bhaiya)

And last, but not least, my cousin Prashu and his gorgeous bride, Priyanka!

P-squared 🙂