By Rachel

From Rajasthan, we took a flight to visit my grandparents and other relatives on my mom’s side of the family. Amongst the family time, we took a day trip to the Museum of Man which contained different artifacts from Indian village life, past and present. The highlight of this for me was walking around the grounds where they had over 200 dwellings from different Indian village tribes built (actually built by people from those villages).  The houses each had different styles and materials used based on the social situation of the tribes, religious beliefs and raw materials available. They varied in size (some were two story!), amount of décor / paintings on the walls and architecture.

The ladies

Tripti coming out of a teeny tiny entrance


Yes – I am wearing super fly MC hammer pants with elephants on them – they are the comfiest things ever!

These villagers were obviously warriors - painting on the house entrance

The best part of Bhopal of course was to introduce Samir to my wonderful family there and to hang out with my cousins 🙂