by Rachel
On our third day in Munnar, I was feeling better after our day of rest so we arranged to take a tour of Munnar. After our normal morning breakfast of an omelet, toast, jelly, a banana and a cup of tea at the Rheinberg, we set off. Munnar is famous for its absolutely tea gardens / plantations. Instead of mountains blanketed with snow, Munnar’s mountains look like they are cover with neatly arranged fluffy green quilts – the sight is amazing and the pictures definitely don’t do it justice. I told Samir I wished I was a big giant so I could roll around on the fluffy rug… I amuse him so! The tea estates are privately owned and we didn’t book a private tour, but we managed to sneak in a couple little strolls.

Gorgeous tea gardens!Rolling tea estates

Workers plucking tea leaves

Rolling tea estates

Though driving through the mountains with tea estates were the main highlight of the tour, we had other stops along the way to our final destination, Top Station.

Stop 1: Flower Gardens

Stop 2: Photo Point

Mattupetty Dam

Stop 3: Speedboating at the Dam

Main Highlight: Cotton Candy

Side note on cotton candy: I LOVE cotton candy in India (so much better than in the US!), or as it is called here, Budiya ki baal (old lady’s hair). The sugar used here is different and the texture is grainy and slightly rough… and the taste… well it’s just magical! I’d been looking for cotton candy the whole time we were in Delhi, putting Samir on the lookout as well. But it was not until were at the Madupatty Dam that I spied the fluffy puffs of pink from across the bridge and my heart jumped with excitement ? It was the true highlight of my day – yum!

Samir drinking fresh coconut milk

Rachel practicing photography on her fave subject

View of Mattupetty Dam and the tea gardens

Final Destination: Top Station

After our tour, we enjoyed a quick dinner at one of the few local restaurants, Surya Soma and then went to a classical Keralan dance performance called Kathikali. I appreciated the baroque expressions, refined movements and steps of the dancers as I took Indian classical bharatnatyam as a child. But the most interesting parts were the makeup and intricate costumes that apparently took the performers (both male) up to an hour to don!

Kathikali dancer in full costume and makeup!

Dancing on the sides of his feet - Ow!

All in all, Munnar is a quaint little town focused on the agri-economy. It was nice just to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the town and countryside.