By Rachel

…getting sick! On our flight from Delhi to Cochin, Kerala, all of a sudden I start feeling insanely hot and dizzy as we are starting our descent. The guy next to me apparently takes notice and kindly starts talking to me to distract me (or it was just  a happy coincidence) which worked well enough (Samir and I weren’t seated together the second leg of the flight due to a last minute change). When we land in Cochin, I’m still dizzy but feeling a bit better so I set off to figure out the taxi situation while Samir collects our bags. (Side note on the taxi – we tried booking a taxi online from Cochin to Munnar, but they wanted to charge us for mileage both ways. The airport taxi was about 700 Rs cheaper for an air-conditioned (A/C) car at 2365 Rs using the prepaid taxi line at Cochin airport). We get in the taxi and set on our way to Munnar and ask the driver to stop for lunch. I’m still really nauseous and so I wasn’t about to get anything, so Samir goes inside to get something quick. While waiting, I sit up and the car starts spinning and I proceed to throw up (outside the taxi door with the driver staring at me probably thinking, ‘oh great – one of these’). But then I feel a whole lot better! Samir comes back with his food and we set back on our way to Munnar to see the beautiful tea plantations (more on that later!). It turns out to be a four hour bumpy, windy ride through the mountains for which the whole time I have to lay down in Samir’s lap for fear of throwing up again. Luckily, I was able to fall asleep and even luckier, I have an awesome husband who stroked my head and calmed me the whole ride up (and saying the views were really ugly so I wouldn’t get sad… he was lying!). Once we got to Munnar, we checked in at our homestay (the Rheinberg Homestay), a quaint little room in a bed and breakfast type house. By this time, Samir also started feeling a little sick and had a headache from the drive so we just passed out for the rest of the night! All in all, a rocky start to the first solo part of our trip, but hopefully not a foreshadow for the next few months!