It is 3:10pm. Our flight departs at 4:10pm. We are sitting in the airport lounge for Lufthansa. We’re flying business class, so we get entrance. Free drinks, snacks and wi-fi, but it’s really quiet in here.

The last few days have been rather hectic, running around all over Houston trying to buy some last minute accessories, and taking care of errands. We got our phones unlocked, which was an adventure in itself.

It’s starting to hit me that I’m leaving. And not coming back for awhile. It’s an incredibly exhilarating feeling, letting go of everything and just traveling for awhile. We didn’t pack our bags until just last night (within 24 hours of the flight), though we did a good job of preparing and having most everything on our list.

We’ve booked some more flights within India, but not any places to stay or things to do just yet. Hopefully, we’ll do that stuff soon.